Sales CRM

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Advances Sales CRM optimized for export sales. Suitable for every salesman, freelancer or startup who wants to grow their customer base and keep track of their progress.


The main functionalities:

Client manager:

  • Keep track of your calls
  • Schedule the next tasks
  • Don’t miss your meetings

Client database:

  • Organize by area, status and much more
  • Most useful views in the Home Page

Daily tasks:

  • Task manager
  • Easy and practical view of urgent tasks

Orders and invoices:

  • Keep an eye on your orders’ status
  • Get an overview of your sales results


 Also included:

  • World clock
  • To do list
  • Progress tracker
  • …and much more


Works with free Notion accounts.

To use the template, open the template link and click "Duplicate" on the top right corner.

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Sales CRM

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